Value added services

1. Strip deburring / Edge Conditioning

    (Suited For Stainless steels and full hard Strips )

         Strips (deburring) supplied by this deburring process have minimum burrs on edges.

         Thickness Range= 1mm to 0.10mm

         Width Range     =  6mm to  160mm


2. Strips Flattening

    Narrow strips can be supplied after strip flattening process. This gives better results in sheet metal  parts. This removes residual stresses developed during rolling & slitting.

         Thickness Range = 1.20mm to 0.10mm

         Width Range       =  8mm    to  350mm


3. Strip lamination (Plastic Coating)

        Plastic laminated strips can be supplied on request.

        Strips (laminated with adhesive plastic tape) can be supplied on demand.


4. Coil and sheet polishing

         Coils & sheet can be supplied in polished/semi buffed or brush finishes

       Thickness Range= 1mm to 0.10mm

       Width Range=8mm to 160mm


5. Narrow Slitting

       We can slit & supply strips in narrow width range for special applications & precision tolerances.

       Width Range=4mm to 15mm & Beyond.


6. Sheet cutting

     Sheet cutting can be done on request from coils
     Maximum thickness 4 mm
     Maximum length 10ft (3 Meters)
     Standard width= 12'' to 14'' inches.
     Slit width can also be supplied in cut lengths.  


7. Circle cutting

        Circle can be provided by rotary shear and circle punch process.

             Rotary shear-

                Dia=160mm to 340mm

                Tolerance= Rough

                Thickness=10g (3mm) to 22g (0.70mm)

             Circle Punch Press-

                Dia=6mm to 100mm

                Tolerance =fine

                Thickness= 4mm - 0.50 mm

                Dies & Tooling cost to be provided by buyer


8. Flats

       slitted flats can be supplied in Brasses & Copper.

       Thickness Range = 1.20mm to  5.0mm

       Width Range   =  30mm   to 160mm


9. Plates

    (only Brass Alloys)

       Plates can be supplied on request in following size range

       Thickness Range = 100mm  to    3mm

       Width Range      =  350mm to 380mm


10. Big Coil Weights

       our standard coil weights are 1.8- 2.0 kg per mm width.

       eg: for 30mm width Max coil Wt will be 55 to 60 kg.

       on request we can supply double coil weight as TiG Welded coils in thickness ranges 1.0 mm to 0.20 mm.


11.Special Packings

        -Shrink wrap/Poly wrap

        -Hessian Jute Wrap

        -Wooden Crates

        -Cardboard Box Pack (Suitable for radiattor brass & thin strips)


12. Special Cores

        - Cardboard 4'' or 8''

        -PVC Cores 4'', 8'',12''

        -MS Core

        -Coreless = 4", 8", 12",116" (Suitable for  Hard & Half Hard coil)