Advantage  of  Devidayal Brand(Devi Metal) Brass Strips over other local manufacturers producing  strips  from 4 Hi Rolling Mill  


1.Finish:Rolls for this Rolling Mill are very slender (smaller dia). Hence Rolls are changed for each coil of booking weight

     after grinding and polishing. This ensures better surface finish and shine and eliminates

     chances of roll marks on the material.



2.Gauge:Accuracy of the thickness is much better. Our Rolling Mill can achieve Gauge Tolerance of ± 0.01 mm  on thicker material and on ± 0.005 mm on thin materials. This is rarely possible from 4 Hi Rolling Mills used by most manufacturs.


3.This mill has on line gauge sensing devices (flying micro-meters) for indicating the gauge variation continuously. Hence thickness variation if any, can be corrected continuously.  In thinner materials  gauge variation may result up to 10%  lesser production of components.


4.Since we are manufacturing more than 50% of our material as thin foils, we have to ensure a very high standard of quality right from melting to finishing stage. To produce thin strips we do not accept any scrap or impure raw materials in our melting.


5.Better control over hardness. We can supply material within ± 8 HV Hardness for Half Hard tempers. Due to our fine grain size and polished Rolls, processes of pickling, buffing and plating come out better at customer’s end.


6.Since we are manufacturing strips using Hot-Rolling method, we are able to supply Brass Strips in Alloy 63/37 whereas others are using continuous casting route and can only supply Alloy 65/35. The main advantage of this is that colour of our strips is Golden Yellow and is most suitable for art ware and jewelry. Whereas colour of 65/35 alloy is Greenish Yellow. Hot Rolling method removes various defects like Blowholes, Slivers and micro porosity usually associated with continuous cast strips.

7.Radiator Strips-Radiator strips are produced in our plant in thickness range 0.12 mm to 0.06mm for Brasses.They have minimum pinholes & micro porosity due to hot rolling.

     All finished strips are supplied after pickling, hence minimum oil residues are there.This ensures better sticking of tin solder.


8.Our 20 Hi Mill has state of the art electronic controls to ensure consistent gauge throughout the length and width of material.


9.We have small sized batch annealing furnace. We anneal only 2000 Kg. material at a time. Hence we can “Custom Anneal” each parties material to specific requirements to attain desired hardness, cupping & grain size. Other manufacturers anneal 5-8 M.T. at a time, thereby clubbing orders of various parties and compromising on quality.


10.Using Devidayal Quality Brass is economical in terms of material saving, fewer rejections as well as longer life of dies and punches all due to a very precise gauge control, smooth surface and consistent temper.


11.We invite you to send your technical representative to visit our factory and evaluate our plant.


12.Before you place your order for local material, which may be available at lower cost, we request you to evaluate all indirect advantages of good quality materials.

13.Large Coil Weight- We provide largest coil weights from single piece slab Hot Rolling in India. Our Max coil weight for 350 mm coils in 680 kgs or 1.9 kg per mm width.

14.Narrow Strip Slitting- As narrow as 4mm can be supplied in pancake coil.

15. See value added Services for our special  of

     -strip deburring

     -strip flattering

     -strip lamination

     -sheet cutting

     -Circle cutting

     -Plates & Flats

     -Special Packing, etc