Special material

1.We have expertise to Re-roll/process any special material for you.

2.We also wish to participate & develop any special material & alloys.

3.We have 20 Hi Mill and can roll maximum of 375 mm width and minimum thickness of 0.025 mm.

4.Further we have wide range of  Rolling, Melting,(Hot,Cold,4Hi, 20Hi ) Slitting and Annealing facilities, as per details  enclosed. We  also have very good Testing ,Physical & Chemical lab & well qualified staff.

5.More details of Machinery, Facilities, Capability &  Company Profile can be seen on our website www.devimetal.com   or sent on request.

6.Kindly let us know if we can be of any service to you in manufacturing special items for you. not possible by your process and machinery.  

Following Special material and alloys can be supplied as per special requirement by re rolling. These are subject to availability  of coils.

  •  special alloys

  •  Resistance alloys

  •  Monels

  •  Inconels

  •  Magnetic Alloys

  •  Aircrafts alloys

  •  Titanium & Super Alloys.                         

 These materials can be supplied subject to availability of raw material coils in market.