We regularly require following items & are always looking for quality suppliers.
Material is checked for dimensional accuracy & temper at each stage of manufacturing. Quality parameters
are noted at each stage of Mfr. Defective material is rectified by rework.

1. Raw materials



Items Details
 Copper In form of cathodes, red berry scrap cable scrap.
 Zinc Ingots- SHG only.
Stainless steel coils

Alloys       SS-J4, SS-202, SS-304, SS-301,SS-316.

Thickness  1.2, 0.9, 0.7,  0.3 mm

Width          300 to 1200mm

Copper coils In form of coils
Width        250-1000 mm
Thickness  4mm-1 mm
CRCA Coils

in form of coil

Width              600mm-1200mm

Thickness     2mm to 0.7 mm

Coil Weight    3MT -6MT

2. Stores                                 






HSD & LDO, Gear oils, hydraulic oils.
 Melting items Charcoal, fluxes, mold oil, asbestos ropes, Borax  etc.
Chemicals Sulfuric acid, Borax, Fluxes, Logas, CB Tubes.
Refractories Firecrete  Super, 99% Silica Dry Ramming Mass etc.
Hardware Items Blades Hacksaw-L Alloy, Blades Hacksaw-HSS, File, Grinding wheel, tool bits, drills bits, tapes & dies, tools, bolts-HEX, bolts-allen, CSK, emerv paper, clamps ss, cotter pin, gland dori 5, hinges, m s washer, sydhania pipe, sydhania sheet etc.

                      If you are quality suppliers any of the above item, your welcome

                      To email us your product detail or contact us.